Sunday, April 14, 2013

What time is it? PROM TIME!

Although the Beatles Prom wasn't the Octopus's garden, and it definitely wasn't in the shade, but we did sing and dance around. Now, enough with silliness. If I were to sum our prom in one word it would be a simple "Wow". All the effort and hard work did pay off and the result was incredible and I can proudly say that IB1's have achieved their aim and provided a memorable night to all our leavers. 
In our school there's a tradition where the IB1 organize the prom for IB2 as a leavers' gift and also year 11's. Our class started planning the prom from November, beginning with deciding on a theme and also an appropriate venue. We spent a lot of time deciding on the venue, changing from one to another, and trying to get it for free, similarly to the IB2's last year. Eventually, we decided on Kabira Country club since it was the closest, it had a new ball room built recently and of course we got the venue for free.
Even though, we still had to raise a lot of money to cover other costs such as food, drinks, DJ and decorations.
We organized a few fundraisers but our main one was the Dream Team. The Dream Team is a skilled basketball team of teachers and they are up to compete against the students' teams. Each team member had to pay 10,000 ugx in order to participate, and if the students team won they would get their money back. As well as organizing, I was involved in a team myself, called the Jew crew. Even though we haven't won, we still gave it our best and managed to raise around 800,000 ugx which was used as a deposit for our venue.
But the road was still long and time was running out. We quickly decided on the design of the invitations and printed them the Monday after. We began to advertise around the school that it was time to pay and that the deadline was 28th of March. We walked into classes each morning to collect the money and bugged those who didn't pay. 
Now comes the fun part! The making of the decoration!
With the guidance of a designer that came straight from Israel, we made decoration that corresponded directly to the Beatles' theme. Some of the decoration we made included peace signs out hula hoops decorated with flowers and spray painted bicycles.
And the moment we all been waiting for! Prom day! 
It was all very stressful, and we were all struggling with doing last minute touch ups. The night itself went pretty smoothly, with everything according to plan - the voting for prom king and queen has been counted by the teachers and the king and queen dance "Thousand Years" by Christina Perry was performed by Anna and Victor (2 students from my year) and made all listeners a little bit teary-eyed. 
To summarize half a year worth of work in 4 hours was hard to digest and although I was relieved, I was sad as well. The prom was a definite success that everybody enjoyed. This project has allowed me to show perseverance and commitment, work collaboratively, undertake new challenges and plan activities.
And most importantly, the prom and behind the scenes was an experience that I wouldn't forget so easily.