Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Light - Second Visit

My class became bigger as more students joined and I replaced a teacher who couldn't come. 
As I planned my lesson for only two students I only printed two worksheets, so for the next time I should print more copies to be ready for any surprises.
We studied the multiplication from 0-4 and filled in the worksheets just as planned. However, the game didn't go as well as expected because I failed to explain what exactly the aim of the exercise is.
But one thing I can say for sure is that when I marked their papers, I was impressed on how quickly they can learn and feel satisfied by their fabulous mark. 

The fundraiser for stationary is planned to be a movie night for the secondary students. We have already spoken to the Head of Secondary about it and he said that we need to carry out a "market" research to see whether students will show up and would that be enough to reach our goal?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lesson Plan - Little Light Second Visit

Learning multiplication tables.
The session will range from one hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and a half, then it would be play time!
- to learn the multiplication tables from 0 to 4

I plan to teach the multiplication tables using objects and worksheets that I have found on the website I will go step by step in order to ensure that my students will understand their multiplication tables! 

- worksheets
- colored pencils
- cards

Warm up
Start with the simpler ones to get an idea of what they already know.

This time they will be mainly academic, but the other students can join my group and we can the multiplication chain game with us.
The multiplication chain game is a card game. Each student will get an even number of cards and each card will have a number and a multiplication underneath that number, for example, if the card says 16, the one that asks "who has 4X4?" will receive that card, underneath the number there will be  a similar question "who has 3X7?" and the one who has 21 will say "me!".

We will go to play outside and reflect on what we have done today.

"All we need is just a little patience"