Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?

Macbeth. The darkest and the most powerful of all Shakespeare's tragedies has been performed in Uganda's National Theater. And what role did I take in the production of the play? I volunteered to make the props which were used during the performance. 
I was presented with a list and together with my collaborator we set off to a journey.
We needed to either buy or make the following items:
Witches cauldron - custom made.

  • 10 Swords - bought.
  • 2 Daggers - bought and then painted.
  • 5 spears - made from bamboo sticks, clothes pegs and foil.
  • 2 battles axes - bamboo sticks, carton board and foil.
  • A long thin mirror - bought.
  • A big bunch of keys - didn't find suitable keys.
  • At least six lanterns plus spare batteries - bought.
  • 1 candle in candle holder for Lady Macbeth - bought.
  • 10 Tankards - custom made.
  • 6 Metal plates - bought.
  • 3 Plain wooden trays - bought.
  • A sack with a pumpkin in it - bought.
  • Lots of fake blood - made about 3 liters of blood from cocoa powder, syrup maple, cornflour and artificial coloring.
Preparing the spears and battle axes
Most of the items on the list were easy to find on the Ugandan Market, while some more difficult, for example the keys and in the end we couldn't find any suitable ones that fit the description of medieval, big and jingly keys. 
Moreover, we found out that blood isn't as it easy to make as it looks. When we first tried it out it ended up being too runny, and the second attempt too sticky (which was a good thing at the end).
However, the most challenging part of this activity was time management. Some things was left for the last moment, and we struggled to get everything on time and yet somehow we managed to bring everything together before the first performance.
Overall, during this activity I showed perseverance and commitment in my activities and worked collaboratively with my fellow partner. Oh one last thing, I must admit that the most exciting moment was when we actually got to see our props being used on stage - Big Bravo to us! 

Witches cauldron, spears and tankards

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