Friday, November 22, 2013

The Hope Ward - Fun Run 2013

This is my second time participating in a fun run event of the same organization, The Hope Ward - a charity non-profit organization within International Hospital Kampala that provide free of charge health services for those who cannot afford it.

For more information about the ward please enter the following link:

The fun run had two option, either to walk 5 km or run 10km. Last year I was a little bit intimidated by the number 10 and so I decided to do the 5 km walk instead. BUT NOT THIS TIME! Although I was not physically prepared to run 10 km without walking, I did manage to run for about half of the time it took me to complete the run (around 1h30min). I think I could've done better if I had trained properly before, but there were many other people who were as unfit as I was so it wasn't all discouraging. I'm very pleased that I accomplished the goal I set myself after last year's fun run in this run.

All ready?

A part of the yellow bunch

Before selfies

I realized that I truly love running. It's not the process that I like but the way you feel after a good run and the sense of accomplishment. When I finished the run, I understood that although I've only done something as small as running, I have contributed to a greater cause by participating and being a part of resolving a global issue. 

The learning outcomes targeted:

  • Increase your awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth
  • Engage with issues of global importance
Cross country season is starting! Let the running begin!
And here's a motivational quote for the next time you'll be running at 7 am: "The faster you'll finish, the faster you'll get to eat." -a hungry DP2 student.

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