Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lose Yourself in the Music. Find Yourself in Shape.

I've decided to try out Zumba because I'm not a big fan of team sports and the majority of the sports our school offers as a club involved a team. Also, it was a great opportunity to branch off the comfortable school's club environment and attend classes with older age groups. I split my Zumba learning into two; attending classes at Kabira Country Club and learning from a Zumba CD together with my friend. By splitting it up like that it allowed me balance my time with school work. I found it very challenging to follow the steps because the instructor didn't explained the movements step by step and I just tried to copy her as much as I could. As you can see in the video bellow, there wasn't much flexibility and flow in our dance movements. Although after some time and practice we managed to become more confident in our dancing abilities, we are far being perfect.

The goals of this activity was to learn a new skill and undertake new challenges. Apart from these obvious learning outcomes, we also planned and initiated activities. How? We planned a Zumba lesson for our fellow DP2 classmates during one of our CAS periods. Even though we planned, not everything went as we expected. First of all, we couldn't find our Zumba CD to help us choreograph the class and play Latino music. So we eventually resolved to mainstream music and learn the choreography to those songs from videos on the internet (our faithful rescuer). Moreover, for some students it was too difficult because we didn't have the time (40 min period) to go through the dances step by step, and they stopped half way. This situation was similar to our first Zumba lesson but the key here is to keep on going even if it seems as though you're not so good at it. I believe that in the end our lesson was successful because it was an enjoyable physical exercise that gave the students a short break from our usual school routine. 

The video presents our first lesson and the lesson with the DP2 students.

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