Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cross Country Club!

"...I don't know when we're gonna get to that place
where we really want to go and well walk in the sun,
But till then tramps like us baby we were born to run..."
- Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Originally, cross country running is when an individual or a group is/are running for a long distance in open-air usually in nature. Our club on the other hand was carried out on the football field in our school. I've participated in the cross country club both last year and this year as well. The reason why I've joined was because I'm not particularly fond of team sports and so cross country seemed like the perfect sport for me!

I've realized through school events such as Interhouse Athletics and Interhouse Cross Country Race, that I'm better at running long distances than sprinting since I'm better at enduring and pacing myself than running at full speed. 

A lap around the field is approximately 400 meters and usually I can do around 7-8 before I have stop and grab something to drink. Last year I felt that I made more progress than this year as we missed a lot of club days due to our mocks and events falling on the same day. Moreover, with our new school term system it felt that this term was shorter than previous years. I can continue on and on explaining and making excuses why I personally don't feel that I made significant progress but instead I'll write that I didn't complete my personal goal for this year. 

My personal goal was not about the speed but rather my distance. I wanted to beat my personal record from last year which was 10 laps (approx. 4 km) before having to stop and complete 12-13 laps (approx. 5 km). I've noticed how unfit I was when I took on the challenge of participating in a 10 km fun run, and barely managing to run 5km out of the 10. I can conclude from this that this sort of activity requires time outside school to make progress as one hour per week is clearly not enough. For future, when I'll decide on my own fitness program I'll make sure that I have a schedule that would integrate both sports and other responsibilities. 

I must add, that the best part of running is when you're completely focused on your pace and you forget about everything.

Through this activity I've
  • Increased my awareness of my own strengths and areas for growth
  • Show perseverance and commitment in my activities
  • Undertaken new challenges  
Here's some photos from the club! 

More Stretching!

The Cross Country Group of 2014! :D


  1. Good reflection, Arina! The Club will continue in Term 3 so you are welcome to pursue your goal of 10-12 laps. You could have used a log book with the exact number of laps recorded after every lesson. It would keep your motivation up. I hope to see you back on the field soon! ;) Ms Moussay

  2. Thank you for comment Madame Moussay! :) I'll make sure to do that for the next time.