Friday, December 7, 2012

Learning How to Play a Guitar

When I first started this activity I set myself a goal of learning at least one song on the guitar. I was on the verge of finally learning one after a period of 3 months, but couldn't. This was mainly due to not practicing enough during other times except when we have the club (the club was once a week). After we completed the stage of learning the chords, we started learning the beginning of songs such as "Sweet Home Alabama", which were appropriate for players at our level. 
Even though my goal wasn't completed I felt that I did learn some new skills and developed a lot of patience since playing requires great concentration and tolerance (fingers hurting from pressing too hard on the strings) for a beginner such as me. 
I hope that in the future I will show more commitment when learning how to play a musical instrument and actually fulfill the goals I set myself. 

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