Friday, June 7, 2013


The familiar sport of volleyball was introduced to our school only this year! And what more? I've decided to overcome my weird phobia of participating in a team sport.

Volleyball was a completely new sport for me. I've never in my entire life have played it but soon as joined the club I found that it was both challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Learning new skills was exciting and difficult but my height gave me some advantage during the game. However, the skill I didn't manage to learn at the end was how to serve the ball without going into unwanted directions.  

Although I wasn't part of the official team, I've still showed perseverance and commitment in this activity as I've attended all the practices. But the most personally important learning outcome was working collaboratively with others, because as I've written previously, I don't like participating in team sports. The reason I don't like it is because it's difficult for me to coordinate and communicate amongst my fellow teammates. I also lack a sense of direction and lack an aiming ability. Therefore, through this, I improved the areas in which I lacked.

I think now volleyball is my favorite team sport, and I'm very disappointed that I won't be able to participate next year as it would be during final exams and we won't be at school.

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