Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Light - Continuing From Where We Left

Following our previous activity at Little Light:

After we finished painting the entrance gate (before Christmas break), we were told that someone else will be in charge of painting the logo on it. However, we received an email from the supervisor and she told us that nobody has painted the logo and asked us to come and complete it. Short in time due to the short notice and the fact we finished mocks only this week, we went to buy the colored oil paints and brushes for the metal gate the day before our activity at Little Light. As usual our group split into two, where some were painting and the others were having classes with the children. 

The logo of the children's centre is fairly simple consisting of a shooting star and under it the name of the organization. At first we consulted the supervisor where should we place the logo and how big do they want it to be. They decided that the logo shouldn't be too large and only occupy a few squares of the gate. Then we outlined the placement of the star and the lines and used masking tape to achieve clean edges. As soon as that was done, we began painting into the lines. 

We encountered several challenges along the activity, few of them being, having to compromise with an army green color instead of the light green color of the original logo, trying our best to achieve clean, black contour lines and making sure no paint drips onto the gate.   

To get a better idea of what we did yesterday here's a video about our activity

Credit to Annastacia Nassuna

It was very heartwarming to see the children from the area get all excited and curious about what we were up to. They observed the whole procedure and sat next to us when we were resting. 
See you soon next week! :)

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