Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time to Become a Real Adult - And Learn How to Cook!

The years are passing fairly quickly, and soon we'll all reach adulthood (hopefully)... Therefore, I've decided it's time for me to learn how to cook! Not just salads and sandwiches but REAL COOKING!

In December 2013 I've joined the French cooking club at our school in order to develop these new skills, work collaboratively with others (we usually worked in groups of 2) and also undertake new challenges.

I would like to share three of the best foods I've made:

Tuile Biscuits

The biscuits are really easy to make (you only need flour, sugar and eggs) and in order for them to be in a Pringles-like shape I placed them on a rolling pin while they were still fresh from the oven. My first trial didn't turn out crispy as the dough wasn't thin enough (according to the recipe) but the second ones turn out to be successful!

Chocolate SoufflĂ©

This was a bit more difficult to make because it involved more ingredients and steps and the timing here was very crucial. In the end, my soufflĂ© wasn't as moist as it should have been, but it turned out to be delicious while still hot.

Chicken Fricassee

Although this dish was the most difficult as I had to clean the chicken (which I never did before) and be sure to cook enough so it would be edible, it was the most tasty in my opinion! And the aroma from the various spices was amazing!

All in all, as a person that the only thing she ever did in kitchen was to wash the dishes and maybe peel garlic, I gained a considerable amount of cooking skills during this short period. I learned how to separate between the egg white and yolk of the egg, how to clean a chicken, how to melt chocolate on a bath of water and I also learned about a bit more about French traditions. As trivial as these skills may seem, they will help me a lot when I'll become independent and go to university and I'll have to cook for myself.

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